Toyobo Textile (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd. had originally 3 companies and these 3 companies were merged in December 2013. In the beginning , Perak Textile Mills Sdn.Bhd. was established in 1974 as a joined venture textile company with Toyobo Co.,Ltd. and Kanematsu corporation in Kuala Kangsar and Toyobo Textile (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. was established in October 1990. Toyobo Wool (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd. was established in 1988 at Sungai Petani in the state of Kedah and moved to Kuala Kangsar in 2011. At present, Toyobo Textile (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is one company that has involved in value added textile business under Toyobo Co.,Ltd. Japan .

Toyobo Textile (M) Sdn. Bhd. is located in Kuala Kangsar, Perak for almost 45 years and with the expertise & Technology we produce value added spinning yarn using cotton, wool and synthetic short and long fibres and woven fabric for overseas and local market.


To be a manufacturer of value added and unique functional textile and to ensure the quality & safety of our products and earn the trust & satisfaction of our Customers.

In addition, Toyobo Textile (M) Sdn.Bhd.will continue to adapt to the changes and cater to Customers requirement.

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