“Monozukuri” is a Japanese way of manufacturing and it is based on culture.

We feel that Japanese company has a mission to bring this culture to the local company through business. Toyobo Co., Ltd attaches value in this way of thinking as “Toyobo’s Monozukuri”. To be a sustainable manufacturing company that brings value to society and it’s “Corporate Philosophy” is not changed and importance of changing must be for corresponding economic and social structure and demands.

Principle of “Monozukuri”


Customer Oriented Principle

| To understand the customer real needs and market demand


Manufacturing Process with Quality Assurance System

| Applying customer-oriented and embodying the request to the manufacturing process
| Ensure quality assurance in each manufacturing process
| Decide work flow, numeric target and tolerance
| Continue Plan, Do, Check & Action cycle


Control with the Point of Man, Machine and Material + Principle

| Check the process with customer-oriented view visually


The importance of “Monozukuri” is “Humankind”

| “Monozukuri” is based on human activity and it must be practiced in the work place.
| Decide the things to maintain (Unchange) and continue activities for improvement & challenge (Change)

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